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"Music played as an expression of the soul, is truthful and beautiful. No matter the genre!"

Mark Musil

Mus Studios, is a professional, up and coming recording, mixing and mastering studio.

We also produce beats/electronic music for solo vocalists.

The word studio is plural in our name because we specialise in mobile/on location recording and mixing services, mastering in house, unless the client wants it sent to another studio for mastering. So

wherever you/your band plays can become one of our studios!



On location/mobile audio recording and in the home studio.


Live studio, overdubbing and comped recordings are all possible. 


Simultaneous 16 track recording with various monitoring options. For example the drummer needs a click track but guitarist and bass player don't want to hear it? No problems.   



In the studio and/or on location/mobile and/or online collaboration.


We cater to what the band/musician wants.

Such as:

-Out of this world effects for vocals!

-SFX guitar sounds

-Full gamet of standard mixing techniques




Using a variety of monitoring equipment, we shape the final sound to the bands tastes!

Want a large dynamic range in your sound?

Vintage sounding noise floor?

Or perhaps clean and loud as a freight train?

We've got it covered! 

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