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Mus Studios is a home music production studio based on digital recording/mixing equipment. Catering to singers, songwriters bands and solo-artists.


It relies on a DAW (digital audio workstation) for it's tracking, mixing and mastering processes.


As opposed to an anologue desk, tape and a plethora of outboard rack gear.


This does not limit the possibilities in terms of the sound that we are capable of achieving and in fact increases productivity and the ability to be creative in the process.


We also specialise in mobile/on location recording for bands, so your home/garage/jam space can become one of our studios!!!


Digital Based Equipment

Professional Production

Mobile / on-location recording

Audio Interfaces
Presonus 1818vsl------Behringer ADA8000
The audio interfaces used by Mus Studios with their built in microphone pre amps are all designed to capture the nuances of sound with as much accuracy as is technologically possible. Thus the sound is not coloured before being commited to recording.
This allows us to work with our clients and use the entire pallet of colours to shape the recorded sound.
As Brandon from says: "Yeah, I’ve owned a crapload of high end preamps. (Martech MSS-10, API 3124, Manley TNT, Vintech 1272, Focusrite ISA428, bla bla bla. Who cares!)"
"Dirty preamps and transformer-based preamps often screw up the top end on purpose (and sometimes the bottom end). Some prefer to work with that “color” from the beginning. (Don’t get me started on how f’ing stupid it is to pay $1k for one single color.)"


Studio One V2 DAW

A DAW (Digital Audio Worksation) is to a digital based studio, what a huge mixing desk and outboard gear was/is to an analogue based studio.


-Professional audio plugins from, Focusrite, Presonus, iZotope, Boz Digital, Native Instruments and Steven Slate


-Professional soft synths/samples/VSTi's from Presonus, Native Instruments and Superior Drummer

Too much to list it all!!



From large and small diaphram condesor microphones, to dynamic 'workhorse' microphones Mus Studios has got the mics to get the job done and sound good.


Mics from:

-Shure        -JTS        -Audix       -Behringer            -ISK

Rack and Instrument FX

-Behringer Tube Composer T1952 is a combination of a stereo expander/gate, compressor/limiter and peak limiter. With the bonus of adding some "tube warmth" if desired.

-Behringer Bass V-Amp Pro, can be utilised as a Bass pre amp for an amp or it can be used as a Virtual bass amplifier for recording/live purposes or in reamping configuration

- Original Jim Dunlop crybaby Wah

-Multitude of built in 24 bit FX in the Behringers’s V-Tone GMX1200H

-Too many to list VST and VSTi's (Virtual Studio Technology and VST instruments). From VST FX compressors, limiters, reverbs to VST instrument Synths, sampled instruments such as world class violins and pianos.

Studio Monitors

-We monitor through near field Presonus Eris E5's monitor speakers.



-The engineer monitors and uses as a reference with a pair of iSK's HP-580's

-During tracking the artists use iSK HP-3000's or iSK HP800 or Audio Technica's ATH-T400


-Les Paul style ESP Ltd

-Fender Strat styled Samick, with rosewood fretboard

-GT Studio bass

-Lag four Season acoustic

-Cort MR-F acoustic


Alesis DM10 electronic drums

Can be used to trigger samples for all music genres, upgraded with realistic high-hat, mesh skins and Tama Iron Cobra double kick

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